Alexey Wind | Alexey Wind. Photographer / Filmmaker / Artist. New York
Alexey Wind. Photographer / Filmmaker / Artist. New York
Alexey Wind, Photographer New York, Videographer New York, Art, Алексей Винд, Нью-Йорк, фотограф, creative photography, new york, music video production new york, artist, filmmaker
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  • Candice Swanepoel

    Working as a fashion photographer and cooperating with Fashion TV, I constantly meet different kind of celebrities, and very often it’s pretty surprising to me how different the same person can be in real life and on the cover of a fashion magazine or TV......

  • “Follow me” photo project

    Not so long ago, two of my friends Murad Osmann and Nataly Osmann had their photo-book presentation for their very famous photo project “Follow Me” in New York City. I’ve known Nataly for many years, I’ve met her way before the first picture in the......

  • My exhibition in Miami

    Presentation of my Art-Nude photo series “PLAY” at Avant Gallery in Miami. Within a year, my artwork will be presented in the gallery, and will be sold from $3500-$10,000 for a piece....

  • Solo show “PLAY” in Moscow 2015

    My solo show in Moscow was 4-13 December 2015. Check it out....

  • My Indian tirtha-yatra

    People say that if you go on a trip to India, you never will be the same. That is exactly what happened with me. India has changed me, it changed the total of me to the bone, changed my values, attitudes, and even my fate.......

  • “Yoga and the City” Photo-project

    I was inspired to create this series on my recent trip to India, during the spring of this year, when I found myself wanting to do something interesting which highlighted the different kinds of people who live in big cities....




Alexey Wind Professional photographer and Videographer in New York. Creative art photography. Music video production. Fashion photographer. Artistic photography for musicians. Fashion portfolio.
Фотограф Алексей Винд Нью-Йорк.