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Alexey Wind Professional photographer and Videographer in New York. Creative art photography. Music video production. Fashion photographer. Artistic photography for musicians. Fashion portfolio.
Фотограф Алексей Винд Нью-Йорк.

My mural at First City Project

I’m happy to show my first ‘mural’ at such a cool place as the First City Project.
This historic 300 year old mansion was converted to a street art museum: great street artists from all over the globe were invited to create murals and installations. I am one of those artists.


The Land of Volcanoes. Kamchatka.

To start with I should say it’s been one long-awaited trip. And it’s not because I have a special relationship with the place, just there are places where you want to go for a long time and finally it all turns out. There are some destinations in this world that hold a place in one’s heart for no particular reason. For me, Kamchatka was one of them.



My Indian tirtha-yatra

People say that if you go on a trip to India, you never will be the same. That is exactly what happened with me. India has changed me, it changed the total of me to the bone, changed my values, attitudes, and even my fate. More on that later but first things first…