Alexey Wind | “Follow me” photo project
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“Follow me” photo project

“Follow me” photo project

Not so long ago, two of my friends Murad Osmann and Nataly Osmann had their photo-book
presentation for their very famous photo project “Follow Me” in New York City. I’ve known
Nataly for many years, I’ve met her way before the first picture in the series was taken.


And I was immensely happy for my friends, because they did something amazing and really big,
something people all over the world had a chance to appreciate.


I remember helping creating one
of the “Follow Me” pictures in New York, where Nataly was holding a bunch of balloons. After
we were done shooting, we’ve decided to take a long walk on the boardwalk by East River.

We were giving away balloons to all the little kids on the way, one by one. A lot of people were

shocked to see so many balloons, and everyone was looking at us, everybody was taking pictures.


By the end of the day one of young moms came up to me and asked if she can borrow our balloons to take a picture of her little kids with them, I handed the bunch to her and said she
can keep the balloons. The lady couldn’t believe it! And everyone around us was just watching
the craziness with puzzled looks. As for Muradd, Nataly, and I, we just smiled and went to eat

infamous Grimaldi’s pizza.


If you still unfamiliar with the “Follow Me” project, find Murad and Nataly on Instagram
#FollowMeTo @MuradOsmann @YourLeo