Alexey Wind | My mural at First City Project
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My mural at First City Project

My mural at First City Project

I’m happy to show my first ‘mural’ at such a cool place as the First City Project.
This historic 300 year old mansion was converted to a street art museum: great street artists from all over the globe were invited to create murals and installations. I am one of those artists.



I created there specific artwork, “Sacrifice”, is a symbol of victim, an allusion to Andy Warhol’s crucified bananas nailed to the wall. To me, Warhol is a messiah who turned the traditional art world upside down by creating a whole new direction – Pop Art.




I am grateful to Sean Sullivan and Joe Mac LaPadula for the opportunity to show my art at the First City Project. I am looking forward to having a solo exhibition over there some time soon.