Alexey Wind | The Land of Volcanoes. Kamchatka.
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The Land of Volcanoes. Kamchatka.

The Land of Volcanoes. Kamchatka.

To start with I should say it’s been one long-awaited trip. And it’s not because I have a special relationship with the place, just there are places where you want to go for a long time and finally it all turns out. There are some destinations in this world that hold a place in one’s heart for no particular reason. For me, Kamchatka was one of them.

_ind9431-2I have been lucky enough to was born at this beautiful place, and travel various parts of the planet I have never seen anything comparable towards the captivating beauty of Kamchatka. I may talk to you for hours about its landscapes and impressions they left me with, but it will do you more good to hear my story with your own eyes.

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Kamchatka is the land of volcanoes and glaciers, hot springs and geysers. You will find rivers, lakes and waterfalls scattered all over this magical land with twenty nine out of a hundred and sixty volcanoes being still active nowadays. The exact number of glaciers goes up to four hundred and fourteen.

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During my trip, I got to travel to Kronotsky Nature Reserve, Uzon Caldera where everything looks exactly like it did millions of years ago. It is the heart of thousands of hot springs, geysers and mineral waters. I got to walk around most beautiful valleys, mountains and boiling mud water lands, swim in mineral springs, visit one of the seven miracles of Russia – Valley of Geysers where numerous geysers erupt with water and shoot it straight in the air. I descended into a cave filled with mist at the half, where each step felt like drowning me deeper and deeper under the water. I have climbed Mutnovsky and Goreliy volcanoes, fighting my way through the horizontal rain, wind and glaciers. I went down to craters filled with acid lakes and ammoniac eruptions.

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Never before have I witnessed the land breathe but Kamchatka has gifted me with this experience as well. This Land of Fire and Ice is like no other. It is filled with true nature and untouched beauty; it carries strength and magic. Believe me when I say magic. Shamanism is very well present in Kamchatka where legends, traditions and rituals are kept alive between ages and generations. With its Gods and spirituality, I find Kamchatka to be similar to Hawaii where natives are very well aware of its big brother. And by the way to Hawaii locals know well about Kamchatka, because their famous huge waves are born off the coast of Kamchatka, and go straight to Hawaii.

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As any trip does, mine ran out of days quickly, leaving me awaiting my next trip to the land of the past and adventures it will bring.